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Over its long history, the Chicago Morning Star has changed sets, forms and formats. The only consistent quality throughout all the years of our activity remains the qualitative, objective and prompt informing our readers about the most important news of Chicago and Illinois. For a very long time, we practically did not go beyond the State. However, in 2017, our server broke down, and the site did not make the backups. As a result, all the content and the achievements of previous years were lost. It was a terrible loss for the entire Chicago Morning Star team. The next six months was a very difficult time for us.

But, as a result of many meetings, we decided that the problem that arose could be an excellent opportunity to reconsider the approach to our work dramatically and restart the project to make it more modern and as informative as possible. We reviewed not only the appearance of media, but also the content. We decided to make it more diverse. This is how the Sections U.S.A and World appeared, where our authors tell readers about the most relevant events in the domestic and foreign policy of the United States, the political situation of other countries, the achievements of science, technology, medicine and civil society.

But our most important innovation is the Articles Section. We believe that the future of journalism is not short news, but long-form articles. This is the style of intellectual journalism, which shows our readers the most complete and objective picture of any event in the world. We relaunched the site in the spring of 2018. Since then, Chicago Morning Star has been keeping up with its recent history and provides readers with the most up-to-date and unbiased information about life in Chicago, Illinois, the USA and the world. We don’t just submit information about the events that have occurred, but also learn their prerequisites, monitor the development of the situation and analyze possible consequences. Our authors are among the first to receive the latest information from the world of politics, economics, high technology, social initiatives, sports and culture.

They consider it their first duty to pass this information to our readers. At the same time, as we did it before, we focus our attention on the life of our native city. Chicago Morning Star editorial board’s professional credo is high-quality, objective and prompt informing our readers.

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Adyson Sipes

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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Freelance journalist

Gabriella Remillard

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

Ivan Cease

Senior editor of the Chicago Morning Star

Jackson Sorbo

Managing editor of the Chicago Morning Star

Shawn Genzone

Senior writer at the Chicago Morning Star


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