‘Pay the Players more’ – US Women Football team awaits new victory after World Cup Win

US Women Soccer team has filed a federal lawsuit which talks about the gender discrimination in the sports although the team had a spectacular run in this sport. Several chants were listened in the stadium about raising the pay of the women players. Tweeter also showed a trend of paying more to the women team players.

Just after the winning moment of the US Women Soccer team in the final against Netherlands, a new call to action emerged as ‘Pay the Players More’. US Women team has won second consecutive world cup. A lawsuit has been filed against the Football Federation by 28 players of the team. The lawsuit is about the gender discrimination in the football by the federation.

US Women Soccer players accused the federation of paying less to the women players. They also accused them of providing unequal training, accommodation, and promotion facilities to the women players as compared to the men players. Nike is the sponsor of Women Soccer team of the United States. It has released an ad which talks about the gender equality in sports.

US Women Football team has got huge support in terms of the equality in soccer. Thousands of supporters in France’s stadium chanted “Equal Pay! Equal Pay!” when Gianni Infantino went on the stage to congratulate the players of the US Women Soccer team. The US Soccer Federation did not comment about the lawsuit when it was asked by the media.

US Soccer Federation said, “The pay for the players depends on the aggregate revenue generated by the team or any other factor apart from their sex”. Jeffrey Kessler, attorney of the women team, said, “It is a specious argument made by the federation”. He also said, “The audited financial statements of the federation revealed that the women team generated more revenue as compared to the men team”. “It is the greatest women soccer team in the history of United States”, he added.

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