Illinois going to charge $1,000 annually to own an electric vehicle

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Currently, electronic vehicle owners are paying $17.50 to $1,000 for their vehicle according to the annual registration fee for electric vehicles. The electronic vehicle owners called in unfair and a sales disincentive by manufacturers.

In Chicago, Nicoletta Skarlatos who purchased a Tesla Model S five years ago said that it’s shocking. I believed Illinois was progressive and would want to support electric vehicle ownership.

The proposed act will be more than double the state’s gas tax to 44 cents a gallon. The main purpose of this money raising is to make delayed road improvement works around Illinois. The standard vehicles registration fee was $98 but now it will be $148 per vehicle, with other elements.

There is an almost 6-fold increase in the electric vehicle registration fee by Kicker. This company depended on government grounds to attract initial adopters and they are assured to produce sticker shock beyond a nascent section of the automobile industry.

Hybrids and plug-in electric hybrids are not included in the $1,000 free program because they both use gas to increase electric power.

Gas tax revenue is not generated by electric vehicles to the state. Pete Sander who is president of the Illinois Automobile Dealers Association stated that there is unquestionably a force because electric vehicles do not pay any gas taxes. Tesla said that it rejects the Illinois fee increase. Electric truck startup Rivian, which is criticized severely to start production at its factory at downstate in the coming year, was blunter.

Michael McHale who is a spokesperson from Rivian said that implementing fees on Electric Vehicles that are over 400 per cent more than their gasoline-powered complements is not only unethical, it discourages securing new technology that will decrease our dependence on petroleum, decrease emissions,  and improve the Illinois economy.

Last year, according to Edmunds which is an auto research firm, electric vehicle sales exceeded to 200,000, or about 2 per cent of total U.S. auto sales. Tesla has competitors like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Bolt but Tesla is ruling the market.

Senior writer at the Chicago Morning Star

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