Kamala Harris halts campaign travel over positive COVID-19 tests of staff members

Kamala Harris halts campaign travel over positive COVID-19 tests of staff members

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Kamala Harris, the Democratic candidate for vice-president, has halted her campaign travel until Monday as two members of her staff have been tested positive for the coronavirus. An official of Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate for president, said that Liz Allen, the communications director of Harris, and a flight crew member were tested positive.

The official said that Harris did not have close contact with them in the 48 hours prior to their positive tests. Harris was scheduled to travel to North Carolina on Thursday. Jen O’Malley Dillon, the campaign manager of Biden, said that Harris was not required to quarantine as she did not make any close contact with the infected staff members.

Dillon confirmed that the California senator would not travel until Monday as a precautionary measure. She added that a staff member of an airline was also tested positive who traveled with Biden on Monday and Tuesday. However, Biden did not have any close contact with the individual. The medical officials said that Biden was not required to quarantine.

Harris and Biden held multiple appearances and interviews in Arizona on October 8 as a part of their campaign. Harris flew with both staff members on that trip who tested positive. However, both of them wore masks and practiced social distancing throughout the trip. According to Thursday’s test reports of Harris and her husband, they were COVID negative. Health safety during the campaign is a part of the political strategy of Biden.

Biden and President Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for president, will host a town hall on ABC and NBC respectively on Thursday at the same time. Trump said, “Two of the people that travel with her, in the plane all the time. They have tested positive.” He extended is best wishes for Harris and Biden. Biden and Harris also wished a quick recovery to Trump and Melania Trump when they were tested positive for COVID-19.

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