At Tent City in South Loop a homeless man was shot by fellow homeless man: Illinois State Police

Illinois State Police said that on Monday afternoon, a homeless man was shot at site of temporary camps on state supported property in south loop. Douglas Robinson, 57, was single shot wounded when taken to stroger hospital in life-threatening condition. Later on, he was pronounced dead by stroger hospital.

Illinois State Police give statement that the shooting take place at about 4:45 p.m. at a grassy embankment in the 1000 block of South Desplaines Street near the intersection of Taylor Street and Des Plaines Avenue. After the arrival of detectives at a crime scene, they learn that the homeless man Douglas Robinson, 57, was shot after a dispute with another homeless man living in the same area. A person of interest was taken into custody, state police said.

On Monday afternoon a homeless man Douglas Robinson, 57, was shot at tent city in south loop. There was some dispute among two homeless men which is currently not define by investigators. Police is searching for the murderer and urging neighbor to give more information about the incident.

In California 64% of the homeless people live in encampments. These tent cities have tent cities inside them as of grouping between homeless people. There are more chances of quarrel between them. This case has the same history.

The homeless man was shot single time only and was quickly taken to stroger hospital in critical situation. Later he was pronounced dead due to single gunshot wound, Illinois state Police said.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office didn’t immediately confirm the death of Douglas Robinson, 57. A person of interest was taken into custody, state police said. The late announcement of death of Douglas Robinson, 57, is making some sort of confusion in the mind of people. Following other incidents with homeless people, they think that the city is no longer safe for them.

Police is urging people to give information about the crime and the identity of informer will be kept secret. Anyone with information can call Illinois State Police at (847) 294-4400.

Senior editor of the Chicago Morning Star

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