Shootings in Nashville: More victims of the Covenant School shooting

Shootings in Nashville: More victims of the Covenant School shooting

Metro Nashville PD

Monday’s shooting at a Nashville, Tennessee, private school by a female suspect resulted in the deaths of three children and three adults, according to the police.

At noon, the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) tweeted, “An active shooter event has taken place at Covenant School, Covenant Presbyterian Church, on Burton Hills Dr.

“The shooter was killed after being shot by MNPD. The Woodmont Baptist Church, located at 2100 Woodmont Boulevard, is where students can meet their parents “it was written in the tweet.

The six victims were verified to be three children and three adults by Don Aaron, the MNPD’s head of media relations, during a press conference on Monday. The six were being identified, according to police.

Aaron said that authorities are attempting to identify the shooter’s name and any other details about her. The suspect was eventually revealed to be a 28-year-old Nashville woman via an MNPD tweet.

Police also verified that the shooter had one handgun and two assault-style firearms in his possession.

MNPD and the Nashville Fire Department were contacted by email by Newsweek for more details. We can confirm we have several patients, the Nashville Fire Department said after confirming it was responding to the shooting.

For more information, Newsweek also phoned the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. The New York Times reports that the three kids were declared deceased at the hospital.

Aaron revealed during the press conference that the MNPD received calls of a “active shooter” inside the Covenant School at approximately 10:13 a.m. local time. Soon after, police arrived and started cleaning the first level of the school. The shooter passed away by 10:27 a.m. local time, according to Aaron.

According to Kendra Loney, the Nashville Fire Department’s public relations officer, the initial transfer to the hospitals involved two adults and three children.

According to Loney, “teachers and staff were able to lead all of the remaining students out of the building.”

She went on: “We were on the site to assist them in preventing anyone from seeing exactly what more was happening, but we are confident that they heard the commotion that was occurring in the area. For both the students and the families who will be impacted by this event, there are mental health specialists and professionals present at the reunification site.”

According to Everytown Research and Policy, there were 33 incidences of gunshot on school grounds in 2023. According to the group, at least 25 of them were hurt and eight were killed.


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