City of Freeport looks to help citizens and businesses through cost reductions

City of Freeport looks to help citizens and businesses through cost reductions

Jodi Miller, the mayor of the City of Freeport, announced that the City was looking at several options to help citizens and businesses. The recent global developments have changed the developments in the region and state. The City wants to give relief to the citizens and businesses through several cost reduction options.

According to Miller, the City is going to propose several options to the city council. The proposal will help citizens and businesses. Miller said that the cost reductions were going to be proposed to help citizens with the economic impact experienced during that time. The City of Freeport has suspended the utility shutoffs.

The City of Freeport has also decided to suspend the late fees at the Water and Sewer Department through May 1 with immediate effect. The City is committed to providing ease to the citizens. Some temporary changes have been applied by the City to downtown. These changes will help citizens through easier curbside delivery.

Miller said, “No community is immune.” He advised the residents to stay at home if they did not feel well. He requested them to book an appointment before visiting the ER or doctor’s office. The City does not want overloading at the medical facilities. He further advised the residents to stay calm.

The City stated, “We advise residents, as we have advised numerous times, not to panic.” Miller said to the residents that they would go through with it together. He added, “Take necessary precautions and be proactive with building immune systems.” Miller advised, “Fear does no good.” The City stated that they knew it was a hard time for all of us. It emphasized to make collective efforts to get through it.

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