Late spring snowfall recorded in Chicago

Late spring snowfall recorded in Chicago

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On Saturday, there was high scale snowfall recorded.

As stated by the National Weather Service, official reporting station of the city, O’Hare International Airport, City of Chicago received 2.5 inches of snow on Saturday.

Before this, On April 26, two inches of snowfall was recorded.

Chicago is not only the city that is affected by the snowstorm. Many of the surrounding areas in the West side of the city are reported for having over five inches of snow.

Snowfall influences the safety of traffic by changing roadway and visibility that bring about crashes, spinouts, and breakdowns.

The usage of data amassed at a website that often gets nearly 1000 cm of snow at some stage in the snow season, this study examines the impact of snowfall quantity, the gap between snow activities, and weather situations on crash and incident frequencies.

Estimation effects from regression analysis show that blizzard severity considerably affects crashes and incidents but the impact diminishes marginally with each centimeter of snow.

The results will assist inform policy for snow elimination and traffic enforcement in areas of a high blizzard.

It has been reported across the region that 2.5 inches of snow at Saturday, leaves slippery roads and different surfaces covered with ice. It has become a dangerous travel condition.

Eventually, at O’Hare and Midway, a large number of flights were cancelled.

The game that was expected to be held between the Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers also delayed due to the freezing situation.

As temps will slowly climb back up into the 50s and 60s over the next few days, thankfully for Chicago-region citizens, a chunk of a warm-up is on the way.

Snowfall will no longer be followed by the wintry cold that had been gripping the region this January, however greater seasonable cold is anticipated. Temperatures were near to below normal during February and March.

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