More showers and storms are expected in Chicago this week

Chicago area is expected to have more showers and storms on Monday and throughout the week days this week. The storms and showers are expected to be more severe this week. The week begins with most clouds in the sky and a slightly warm conditions with some humidity. The temperature remains high between 75 to 80 degrees in the afternoon.

Some thunderstorms with hailing, wind, and heavy rain are expected in the noon and evening. The overnight condition for Monday is expected to be partly cloudy, humid, and mild. On Tuesday, breeze, sunny, and warm conditions are projected by the weather department of Chicago. Early showers are expected on Wednesday in the early morning. The day seems to be sunny and warm with the high temperature in mid 80s.

The predictions for Thursday are partly sunny and warm conditions in Chicago area. The temperature is expected to remain in the mid of upper 80s. Thursday evening might witness some showers and storms. There is a possibility of storms and showers on Friday but the conditions are expected to be sunny, warm, and humid most of the day.

On Saturday, the weather is expected to be cooler along the lakefront. Apart from that, a warm day with high temperature of 80s is predicted by the authority. The week will end smoothly with a partly sunny and warm Sunday. Overall, the week will possibly have some strong showers, winds, storms, and hailing in the week.

The temperature is expected to stay in the mid of 80 degrees and higher on some days closer to the mid of mid 80s. The week will end up smoothly on Sunday with a warm and partly sunny day. Chicago weather has already been quite unsmooth in the past weeks. The showers and storms are expected to continue this week. The strength of the showers and storms would increase this week, according to the weather department.

Senior editor of the Chicago Morning Star

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