Returning of all-day breakfast at McDonald’s: true or fake?

Returning of all-day breakfast at McDonald’s: true or fake?

Despite how excited a few social media posts may have gotten you for the return of all-day breakfast at McDonald’s, don’t make your way to the drive-thru just yet.

In a written statement to Nexstar, a McDonald’s representative said the information being shared online is actually from a 2015 press release, when McDonald’s USA first announced all-day breakfast.

“We don’t have any updates to share about breakfast offerings at this time,” the representative said.

McDonald’s’ all-day breakfast was halted in March 2020, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the company made adjustments to simplify operations for local workers. The original 2015 rollout of all-day breakfast was a boon for McDonald’s, with the company saying the change was a “very strong catalyst for momentum.” McDonald’s posted higher-than-expected first-quarter earnings in 2016, much of which was attributed to the popularity of its breakfast, CNBC reports.

So what time does McDonald’s stop serving breakfast now?

Prior to 2015, McDonald’s stopped serving breakfast at 10:30 a.m. Since the end of all-day breakfast, that time has been re-instated, though some locations may serve breakfast until 11 a.m.

McDonald’s’ breakfast menu is home to some of America’s fast-food breakfast faves, including the Egg McMuffin and the Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit.

The company officially added the breakfast line to menus nationwide in 1977, Mcdonald’s says. The full line came about after a long development of the Egg McMuffin, which began in early 1971.

According to McDonald’s owner Ray Kroc’s 1977 autobiography, local franchise owner Herb Peterson developed the sandwich and asked Kroc to try it. Kroc says Peterson refused to tell him what it was — fearful the owner would reject the idea — until after he’d tried it.

“He didn’t want me to reject it out of hand, which I might have done, because it was a crazy idea — a breakfast sandwich,” Kroc writes in “Grinding it Out: The Making of McDonald’s.” “… I boggled a bit at the presentation. But then I tasted it and I was sold. Wow!”

Egg McMuffins — the first McDonald’s breakfast item — were tested in select locations in 1972 and priced at 63 cents.


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