Supreme Court Judge receives homeowners exemption on a wrong home

A property list has a name of Judge Neville’s mother as an owner of a home. His mother died 28 years ago. The investigators have found that the homeowners exemption sent to the judge was for the home where he does not live. His mother has died 28 years ago and she is enlisted as the owner of the home in the list.

Judge Scott Neville will ask the party bosses to slate him as an endorsed candidate. He has been receiving the homeowners exemption for more than 15 years, according to the investigators. The rules say that you must be living in the home for availing the tax break. Judge Neville was appointed as a Supreme Court Justice last summer.

Judge Neville launched a campaign for a full 10-year term in recent time. He lives in Beverly neighborhood where he filed the D-1 campaign papers in April. The wife of the judge is listed as the owner of the house. He listed a different address in June and he loaned his campaign $50000. He also got the building permit in the window of that house. There was no ongoing construction work in that building, according to the NBC 5 investigators.

Alice Neville, the mother of Judge Neville, has requested the homeowners exemption on that home since 1999. In reality, she died in 1991. According to the records of 2018, Alice Neville got the tax bill and homeowners exemption of $726. Judge Neville received the ownership of the house in 2004 via quitclaim deed. A spokesperson of the Cook County Assessors said that the home received the homeowners exemptions but it was not entitled to it.

The rule says that if a homeowner dies then the tax exemptions will be removed from the following year. The tax exemptions also do not transfer to any of the other family members. According to the records, the tax break has been requested since 2000. The assessed valuation of the home was requested with the name of Alice Neville in 2009, however, she died in 1991. A spokeswoman of Judge Neville’s campaign said that it was an error and they are looking into this matter.

Senior writer at the Chicago Morning Star

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