8 K-9 dogs die from heat

 8 K-9 dogs die from heat

According to NBC Chicago, many canines were brought to a veterinarian when an air conditioning unit failed while being transported to a training facility in Indiana, and at least eight dogs died from heat stroke.

According to the Lake Station police, the dogs were being transported from O’Hare Airport to a K9 training facility in Michigan City, In. on July 27. The driver was caught in a two-hour traffic delay, when the AC unit being used to keep the dogs cool malfunctioned and broke, according to the police. The driver did not realize the AC unit had malfunctioned until he heard barking and pulled over to investigate the cargo area where the dogs were being held.

Once he realized the dogs were in medical distress at his stop at a Road Ranger, he called the police, who came to investigate.

“The scene was choatic and took an emotional toll on all that were involved in trying to save as many canines as possible,” police said. “Any loss of life is tragic and thoughts and prayers are with all those that were affect by this ‘freak event.’”

Jenny Webber, the director of The Humane Society of Hobart, told NBC Chicago that an estimated eight to 11 dogs died. She also accused the police department of not following protocol.

“All of the dogs need to be hospitalized, they’re exhibiting signs, diarrhea, vomiting, even though they’re up and moving, they’re not going to make it unless we get them to the hospital,” she said. “Instead, the officer allowed him to take the dogs back into the truck that they were dying in and allowed them to transport illegally back to Michigan.”


Source: thehill.com


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