A Chicago woman shares her story of fight against breast cancer

A Rush University employee has shared her story of the fight against breast cancer. The diagnosis of breast cancer is alarming for the woman as it makes them feel frightened and alone. This Chicago woman made her story public to make them, the women having breast cancer, feel that they are not alone.

She told every step of her treatment of breast cancer to help thousands of others. Deb Song, a media relation specialist at Rush University Medicine, had shocking news when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Song said, “My doctor had to tell me I have good news and bad news.” The good news was that she had been diagnosed at an early stage and the bad news was that she had breast cancer.

Song documented her journey of breast cancer treatment including both good and bad parts. She also included the emotional family reactions in her story. Her story includes the family history with the disease. She has now become cancer-free with surgery but it has weakened her. She also has a huge fear that cancer can come again.

She said that cancer makes you weak and it throws sharp edges. Even the stronger people having cancer have good, bad, and ugly moments. Song added, “The thoughts come in the mind of the person like why me? What did I do wrong?” Song got a surprising response on social media when she posted her video on it. Song said, “People are calling me a warrior, a survivor”.

Song said that she learned a great experience during the treatment. She learnt that life can never be taken for granted. If someone gets diagnosed with cancer then he can get recover as well with the strength and support of the friends and community, Song added. People thanked her on social media for sharing her experience with them. The hospital and Song got surprised by the response they received on that video.

Senior writer at the Chicago Morning Star

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