Ancich family turns their loss into hope for young mothers

The parents, who lost their daughter when she was six months pregnant, have turned their loss into hope for young mothers. Sherri and Joe Ancich have birthday and murder anniversary of their daughter in August. It is a hard month for them.

Alisha Bromfield, the daughter of Sherri and Joe Ancich, was murdered in 2012 when she has a six-month baby in her womb. She had already given the upcoming baby-daughter a name as Ava. The boss of Bromfield, Brian Cooper, invited her to accompany him to his sister’s wedding in Door County, Wisconsin. Cooper called the police after several hours of the wedding. His confession led the police to the hotel room where they found her body.

Cooper said that he got angry at her when she refused his advances. Cooper was sentenced to two life sentences after the months of trial and continuous efforts of Ancich family. He was sentenced with the murder of Bromfield and her unborn daughter Ava. It was an unbearable loss for the Ancich family. They decided to donate the baby items. Ancich family found a young pregnant woman, Deianeira Ford, with her unborn baby.

Ford said, “I was pregnant and living in a shelter when they found me.” Ford said that she did not know how she was going to do it in the shelter. Ford also had an unborn baby in her womb which was named as Ava. Ancich family made sure that they will provide financial and emotional support to Ford and Ava. It was the beginning of their supportive project named The Purple Project.

Ancich family changed the lives of hundreds of families through The Purple Project. This project offers support to the young mothers and it also organizes their annual Night of Hope in the memory of Alisha and Ava. Nationally known speakers connect with the community in this free event on August 19 every year. Ancich family is a role model for US families.

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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