Caring Hands program offers Naperville residents to provide critical information to First Responders

Caring Hands, a Naperville public safety program, has been launched to help the residents who need special assistance during an emergency. The residents are encouraged to give critical information to the Naperville first responders. They should submit the details of the special needs before an emergency situation.

It is a voluntary program that encourages the Naperville residents who are suffering from developmental, medical, physical, or intellectual disabilities to provide critical information to the Naperville first responders. The information will be added to the database of the public safety department of the City. The information will appear on the screen of the call-taker whenever an emergency situation will occur.

The information provided by the disabled residents will appear on the screen whenever he will call the police, fire department, or emergency medical service providers. The information will help the first responders to serve the participants properly in any kind of emergency situation as they would already be known of the situation of the person.

Mark Puknaitis, the Naperville Fire Chief, said, “When emergencies happen, seconds count.” He added that if the emergency responders would have more information about the person who needs care then they would be able to respond more swiftly and effectively. Robert Marshall, the Naperville Police Chief, said, “This program is one more way the Naperville Police and Fire Departments are enhancing the quality of service.”

Caring Hands is a voluntary program that encourages the disabled residents of Naperville to submit critical information about their needs in an emergency situation. The residents are advised to download the application form from The information will be added to the database of the Naperville public safety.

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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