Cook County Sheriff’s deputy shot a teen who allegedly tried to steal his car

The case happened in the Little Village area when the Cook County Sherriff’s deputy shot an unarmed 16-year-old boy who allegedly tried to steal the car of the deputy. The car was placed at a car wash and a boy allegedly came to steal it.

The teen is in stable condition, said Megan Hickey in a tweet. She also said that the investigation showed the boy was unarmed when he was shot by the deputy of the Sheriff. The boy allegedly tried to steal the personal vehicle of the sheriff’s deputy. The Chicago Police and Cook County Sheriff’s Office said, “The deputy, 50-year-old, was on a lunch break and he was driving his personal car. He stopped at a car wash at Cermak and Rockwell while he was on duty”.

The deputy stepped away from his car and a boy jumped onto the driving seat for carjacking the deputy. The deputy pulled out his gun and shot the teen on his left shoulder, according to the authorities. The deputy was on duty but on a break that is why he was driving a personal car, Chevy Corvette, said spokesman of sheriff’s office.

Police said, “We found only one weapon from the scene and it belonged to the deputy. The boy was unarmed according to the current investigation”. The witnesses said that the deputy shouted before opening the fire that he was a police officer. The witnesses added that they were unclear whether he was in uniform or not.

The deputy was brought to the hospital, Rush University Medical Center, due to the shortening of his breath. The boy was taken to the Stronger Hospital in a stable condition. There have been no charges filed until now and the case is still under the investigation. The deputy was on a lunch break and he stopped at a car wash for the service of his personal car, according to the authorities.

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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