Cruz Attorneys wants to meet His Mental Counselors privately

Nikolas Cruz is a shooting suspect who was studying in Parkland school.

His hearing is in process in Broward Courthouse.

Lawyer of the suspect wants to meet health counselor of the suspect.

There is a request to the judge of court to give her permission to contact the suspect’s former health counselor to have a better understanding about his mental condition. Otherwise it can be a lengthy put off trail. She wants to meet because the counselors treated the 20-year-old suspect for years before the February 14, 2018 shooting.

She said, in normal cases, a defendant’s counselors often meet voluntarily with defense legal professionals in death penalty instances to help them apprehend any mental issues that would assist convince the jury to vote against execution.

The counselor is sued by some families of the 17 dead and 17 wounded students. So, they can meet him after a proper legal process.

Mc Neil told Scherer that if she says NO to let them solve this issue legally then she will make request to Cruz’s trail that they shift it to next year.

In this situation the case can be delayed until changes occur in law and let them one to one talk with the counselor directly. Years can be passed in this process.

In these circumstances, it is possible that US Supreme Court find him guilty and give him death sentence because the team failed to present Cruz innocent in proper way.

If defense call counselor as a witness during the death penalty then the prosecutor will still have chance to ask him. McNeill told Scherer that the civil lawsuit preventing me from doing my job that is why this case is different. More she said that there is no disadvantage to the state by allowing us to proceed this way.

Assistant State Attorney Steven Klinger rejects Neill’s request by saying that it would be unrivalled and clear disobedience of state law and court conclusion. He said that only prosecutors can secretly subpoena witnesses under Florida law and regulation, however they then ought to make something said available to the defense earlier than trial. Cruz’s attorneys have said he could plead guilty in exchange for a life sentence, a suggestion prosecutors have declined.

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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