German President says America, Russia, and China are making world more dangerous

German President says America, Russia, and China are making world more dangerous

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Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the president of Germany, criticized the role of the leading world powers including America, Russia, and China. He accused Donald Trump, the president of the US, China, and Russia of creating global insecurity. According to Reuters, a foreign news agency, Steinmeier criticized the role of the three big powers of the world in global matters during his speech at the inaugural session of the Munich Security Conference.

He also talked about Trump’s “Make America Great Again” aim. He said, “How will they make it great again?” He also criticized the behavior of America with his neighbors and allies. He urged German leaders to enhance their role in global matters. The former Social Democratic Minister of Foreign Affairs said, “We are ready to enhance our role but we will not follow the US, Russian, and Chinese foreign policies.”

Steinmeier said, “Russia made a military force and transferred the borders to Europe by force for achieving political aims.” He said about China, “It accepted only a specific part of global laws.” He also criticized the current administration of the US. He said, “The US administration denied the views of the international community.” He said that the denial of the US enhanced the lack of trust at the global level.

Steinmeier criticized the US for its foreign policies. He added that the denial of the views of the international community by the US speeded up the arms race at the international level. Germany is an ally of the US. Steinmeier said, “Germany needs to increase defense expenditures in order to stay allied with the US for a long time.”

He said that the US benefits had been shifting from Europe to Asia. He demanded a firm European policy for Russia that would not be limited to condemnation and sanctions. According to the German President, the US, Russia, and China allegedly increased mistrust and instability at the international level.

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