May Day captures the hearts of workers

May 1, is a day of huge expectations for the workers all across the globe. Workers, from all across the world, gathers to celebrate the day from over a century which is known as International Workers Day or May Day. The day highlights the honor of labor and marches are organized in this regard.

Joel Faypon, who is a member of United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America, said, “May Day reminds the whole world that how much the labor is important for the betterment of world”. May Day was started to celebrate as a labor day in Chicago back in 1886. In the 19th century, workers tried to know their importance and they started organizing the campaigns with the social activists and political groups for raising their wages.

The workers of Chicago decided to reduce the working time from 10-16 hours to 8 hours at the end of 19th century. On May 1, 40000 workers went on a strike in Chicago. Along with them, 300000 workers resigned from their jobs from all across the United States. Police killed some protestors on May 3 and the labor leaders decided to protest against the deaths on May 4. This is a brief history of the struggle of the workers in the United States for getting their rights.

Now, May Day is celebrated as a day of commitment for the immigrants, workers, and queers. The commitment of May Day is to highlight the dignity of immigrants and uphold their strengths. Workers and labors association organize marches in almost every country on this day.

These marches remember the struggle of the workers back in 1886 in Chicago and all across the United States of America. May Day is also recognized as a strike day and these marches ask the workers to walk off from their work. We must have to realize the significance of the workers and labors on this day. They are playing a crucial role in the development of the world.

Senior editor of the Chicago Morning Star

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