Pritzker blasts doomsayers, says state of state is growing

Pritzker blasts doomsayers, says state of state is growing

JB Pritzker, the governor of Illinois, spoke to a joint session of the General Assembly on Wednesday. He blasted doomsayers, political carny barkers, and paid hacks. He said in his annual speech, “The state of our state is growing stronger each day.”

Pritzker added, “Those who would shout doom and gloom might be loud but they are not many.” He said that they were wrestling the public conversation in Illinois back from people concerned with one thing and one thing only. The most important line of his speech was, “I am here to tell the carnival barkers, the doomsayers, and the paid professional critics – the state of our state is growing stronger each day.”

Pritzker admired his achievements during the first year of his office during his speech. He said that he brought a record number of jobs and reduced the unemployment rate to a record low in the history of Illinois. The Rebuild Illinois program is the first major capital infrastructure program in a decade. Pritzker said about the Rebuild Illinois program, “The $45 billion Rebuild Illinois program would create 500000 additional jobs.”

He gave the good news that a half-million jobs would be created in the first half of the 2020s through the Illinois Rebuild program. Pritzker appreciated the legalization of the cannabis used by the adults. He also took credit for bringing improvement in the early childhood programs across the state. He said, “Illinois will be the best state in the nation to raise a young family.”

Pritzker also drew attention to the upcoming session of the General Assembly. He said that ethical reforms would be the main part of the agenda of the next session. He looked satisfied with the performance of Illinois in the field of health, education, and safety of the residents. He said that they needed to focus on battling against corruption, bribery, and under-the-table deals. He said, “Protecting that culture or tolerating it is no longer acceptable.”

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