US District Judge sentenced Chicago man to 22 years in Prison

US District Judge sentenced Chicago man to 22 years in Prison

Bryan Osborne, 30-year-old, was charged with recruiting the minors to engage in the sex acts. He has been sentenced to 22 years in federal prison. He used Facebook for recruiting minors to participate in the sex acts with him and others. Most of the victims were minors which were targeted by Osborne on Facebook.

Osborne posed as a woman on Facebook and sent hundreds of messages to the intended minors. He offered thousands of dollars to the minors in order to make them agree to appear in sexually explicit films. He told the minors that they would first engage with a male producer, Trey, in the sex acts. He said to them that Trey would judge whether they are suitable for the film or not. Trey was Osborne and he performed the sex acts with the minors who accepted his offer.

Osborne admitted to the court that he was involved in the sex acts or intended to be involved in the sex acts with 14 minors. The sex acts were done by him in a building on Chicago’s West Side. He did not pay the minors by fabricating several reasons. Osborne was pleaded guilty in the court in 2017 on the charge of sex trafficking of a minor by force or fraud.

Sara L. Ellis, a US District Judge, sentenced him to 22 years in federal prison on Monday. Judge Ellis ordered him to pay $142481 to the victims. He will remain under the supervision for 12 years after his release from the prison, according to the court orders. Osborne used many online personas for targeting the minors. He offered higher pays to the minors for referring even younger children to him.

Michelle Peterson, the Assistant US Attorney, represented the government in the case. The Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force of FBI Chicago provided assistance in the investigation. Osborne will spend 22 years in the federal prison and he will remain under the supervision for 12 years after his release from the prison. You may visit if you are a victim of sexual exploitation.

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