Turkey sentences controversial TV personality and religious preacher to over 1000 years in prison

Turkey sentences controversial TV personality and religious preacher to over 1000 years in prison

A Turkish court sentenced 64-year-old Adnan Aktar, a controversial TV personality, to over 1000 years in prison for sexual abuse and various other crimes. According to AFP, an international news agency, Aktar has been sentenced to 1075 years in prison for several crimes including sexual assault, sexual abuse of minors, espionage of politicians and army, and many more.

Aktar was arrested by Istanbul Police in 2018 with 200 other suspects. He is known as a controversial scholar not only in Turkey but all across the world. He created a TV channel to promote his theories. The Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) told in a special report on the life of Aktar that he had created a TV channel to promote his controversial religious thoughts and broadcast shows having women in revealing dresses.

He is also known for spreading nudity and presenting women as a sexual toy. He was also involved in making false claims about politicians and the army during his TV shows. He was also facing allegations of funding terrorist organizations from his business outcomes. Daily Sabah, a Turkish newspaper, reported that the Turkish courts heard Aktar’s case for almost two years. Recently, a court sentenced him to 1075 years in prison.

Two other members of his organization have been sentenced to over 200 years in prison. The court sentenced one of his employees to 211 years in prison. Another worker has been sentenced to 186 years in prison.

TRT reported that Aktar presented himself in the gathering of women with revealing and western dresses during his TV shows. He used to talk about religion in such gatherings on his TV channel. He was also involved in making baseless claims about famous politicians and the army during his channel broadcast. After hearing his case for more than two years, the Turkish court imposed one of the harshest sentences on him.

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