Ballot Scheme in House Race, in North Carolina

An illegal absentee ballot scheme has been overseen by a political representative. The representative oversaw ballot scheme on behalf of a Republic candidate. “A hearing could settle the undecisive House Race of last year’s midterms”, said by the election official of the North Carolina. The North Carolina Board of Elections hears the case which has strong and harsh allegations. Mark Harris, who is the Republican Candidate in the Ninth Congressional District, was benefitted unlawfully and with fraud, according to the allegations.

A state board comprising two three democrats and two republican candidates have the decisive power. They will decide whether the elections are certified or there would be re-elections in the Ninth District. The disputed regions include some parts of Charlotte and a huge area of Southeastern North Carolina. The executive director of Board, Kim Strach, and the witnesses reveal that they might be more than 1000 absentee ballots and important forms. Mark Harris had the lead of 905 votes over his rival Dan McCready and the state official refused to certify Harris as a winner last year due to these allegations of absentee ballots. The Board will continue the hearing process in the upcoming days. Lisa Britt, a witness, acknowledged that she casted her vote illegally. She added that the election was misconducted and she also collected more than 30 absentee ballots illegally. The election officials had serious concerns about the fraud in the elections of Ninth District by November last year. Robert Cordle, who is holding a chair in the board, said that the people of North Carolina have a belief to develop trust in the current system of voting. The hearings are done in order to build a trust among people of NC by resolving the issues and concerns related to the elections. The hearings on Monday were quite shocking for the Republicans as they were accused of fraud in the elections although they always stood against the fraud.

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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