Chicago separate from Illinois?

Chicago could become separate from Illinois as Illinois Republicans have pushed bill to make this happen. Those Republicans have said that the state’s rural areas are not getting the representation that they should deserve. They said that they are not getting the fair representation due to Chicago city’s outsized influence. They want to see Windy City become a separate entity.

One of those Republican that want to see Chicago separate from Illinois is Brad Halbrook. He made an appearance on ‘Fox & Friends’ on Monday and expressed his views that many states like New York, California and Illinois dominate state politics due to their large population centers. H said that rural places are not getting the fair share of representation. A lot of problems are being created due to this reason.

He also said that the system designed by the US Constitution may work in other states but it is not working in Illinois. He said while talking to host Steve Doocy that he knows that this proposal will virtually not pass but he wants to see a new Illinois. He has called upon Congress to make and declare Chicago a new state-the 51st state.

He said that the state every year losses residents equal to the city of Peoria (Illinois). Halbrook is not alone in this regard. According to Pew Trusts’ Stateline report, the resolution is supported by further eight Republican in the state’s House. They are also supported by conservative activists. The bill notes a “$221 million bailout” for the city’s pension system last year. It also says that there is a lot of difference in various issues between residents in downstate Illinois and city of Chicago residents.

To see Chicago as a new state will require a lot of political muscle. It needs to be passed from both state legislature and also approved by Congress as well.

Managing editor of the Chicago Morning Star

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