Chicago Scientists find rivers railed on Mars

Riverbeds have been seen on the surface of Mars and scientists are finding an answer about which atmospheric or climatic change raged these rivers. Scientists based in University of Chicago published a new paper on Science Advance in which they claimed that the rivers, which flowed on Mars, were wider than the rivers flowing on earth.

Edwin Kite, author of the paper and assistant professor of Geophysics in University of Chicago, said, “It is hard to explain the shape of the rivers on Mars which is a serious problem”. The surface of the Mars is crisscrossed which means there are the signs of dead rivers. NASA Spacecrafts have taken the pictures of these rivers. It is a puzzling thing that why the red planet had liquid water. The current atmosphere of Mars is quite thin which cannot maintain liquid water. Kite added, “the data shows that the ancient Mars had extremely cold weather in the ancient times and it also had most of the dry weather”.

Kite and his colleagues gave models of at least 200 riverbeds on Mars on the base of the photographs. These riverbeds give a better clue in the support of the water flowing on Mars in the past. Their paper has raised new questions as well. Kite speculated that whether the climate of Mars is a switching climate of wet and dry weather. The existence of the rivers shows that the climate of the Mars was wet once which had been dried up with the time. The flow of the rivers was stronger than the flow of rivers on earth which made huge riverbeds on the surface of Mars.

Kite said, “the rivers get shorter hundreds of kilometers”. The analysis by them shows that the runoff of the rivers was persistent and strong. There is a lot of room for the climate modelers of Mars for further studies as described by Kite. The climate of Mars is quite strange and it has mysterious changes with the passage of time. The riverbeds show the presence of liquid water and its wet atmosphere in the past.

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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