Illinois Economic Policy Institute declares economic reopening plan worked in Illinois

Illinois Economic Policy Institute declares economic reopening plan worked in Illinois

The Illinois Economic Policy Institute released a study related to Illinois’s economic reopening plan. The study praised Illinois for taking decisive early action on the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the study, the administration of Illinois eased the restrictions after the first wave cautiously. The economic recovery of Illinois remained better than the national average.

The study found, “The economic recovery of Illinois has generally been better than the three hard-hit southern states of Arizona, Florida, and Texas.” The ILEPI study warned Illinoisans to remain vigilant and observe three W’s. These three W’s are wash hands, watch social distancing, and wear a mask. The study is based on five key metrics including mobility, businesses open, hours worked by employees, consumer spending, and unemployment claims.”

The study praised the efforts of JB Pritzker, the governor of Illinois. It stated, “Pritzker chose to follow the science rather than rush to reopen too quickly.” Illinois was the second US state to issue stay-at-home order. Moreover, Illinois was the last state to expire that order on May 29, 2020. On May 1, Illinois ordered its resident to wear a mask in public.

The science-based wisdom of Pritzker is praised in the ILEPI study. The ILEPI tweeted, “There’s evidence Illinois’ reopening plan has worked – for now.” The study read that the economy of Illinois would remain open if people would continue to do their part. They are advised to follow the precautionary guidelines. They have to stay vigilant especially against a second wave in the fall with the start of a flu season.

The study concluded, “If residents continue to do their part, the virus will be contained, the economy will remain open, and Illinois will emerge from the public health crisis stronger than many other states.” The COVID-19 response of Illinois is better than other southern states at the moment.

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