Illinois to lead presidential campaign from now on

Illinois to lead presidential campaign from now on

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The Democratic caucuses have collapsed in Iowa in providing results. However, JB Pritzker has now volunteered Illinois to lead the presidential campaign from now on. The Iowa Democratic Party has not released the caucuses’ results as of late Tuesday morning. The results from the caucuses are the first step forward towards the selection of the presidential candidates for the general election.

President Donald Trump, the Republican, has won the reelection approval from Iowa voters on Monday. Joe Walsh, Former Illinois Congressman, was booed by the caucus attendees. He got only 1.2 percent of the vote in this challenge. Walsh tweeted after the caucus, “I said decency and honesty matter, and the crowd booed me. I said Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump, and the crowd booed me.”

After the failure of Iowa to release the results, JB Pritzker suggested that Illinois would make a better starting line towards the selection of the presidential candidates for the 2020 presidential elections. Pritzker said, “If you are looking for a state whose people represent the diversity of America, look no further than Illinois.” He tweeted that Illinois could be the best starting line.

According to the story of National Public Radio (NPR) published in 2016, Illinois is the most representative state of the United States of America. The racial demographics and presence of substantial minorities brought Illinois on top of the list. The story said that Illinois was just 3.9 percent different from the national racial makeup.

According to the data, Illinois is also slightly better than national averages in terms of education. 32% of the Illinois population holds a college degree. The median household income of the Illinoisans is also better than the national average. The percentage of Illinoisans who consider religion very important is, however, below the national average. Some Illinoisans still think that the administration needs to be careful as the presidential campaign can overrun the state.

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