Judge sentenced three and half year’s prison to the day care owner

The woman admitted during the investigation that she injured a five-month-old baby in her day care center. The Illinois state’s judge sentenced the prison of three and half year to her in the baby injury case. The case is closed on the base of day car’s owner admittance of the allegation.

Debbie May, 59-year-old woman, belongs to Champaign and she has been sentenced in the baby injury case, according to The Champaign Gazette. She has been sentenced by the judge on Friday. She tried hard to protect herself from punishment during the hearing of the case. She entered Alford plea in April for proving her innocence although the prosecutors had enough evidences ho prove her guilty.

Alford Plea is entered by the party of a case against which the court has enough evidence to give a sentence. She knew that she made a wrong mistake and the jury had enough proofs as well but she entered the plea for saving herself. She was facing the allegations of injuring a young baby and she admitted that later in the court.

In November 2014, she beat or shake Rowen Kaeding, a 5-month-baby, which caused him serious injuries, according to the authorities. Kaeding suffered from cerebral palsy, and infantile spasm due to mishandled badly by the day care’s owner. Kaeding also got unable to speak more than a few words at a time. It was a worst case as the victim of oppression suffered a lot during the age of five months.

May tried hard to prove her innocence in the court with the aid of her prosecutors and she used every possible option during the case. The judge found ger guilty at last and sentenced her the prison of three and half years. May admitted her crime in front of the court, according to the authorities. Now, she will spend her 3 ½ years of life in prison, according to the decision of the court. The central Illinois lady will stay behind the bars after the decision of the court.

Senior writer at the Chicago Morning Star

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