Newly Weds Foods will assess the damage caused by the fire

A fire had burned the Newly Weds Food Factory on Tuesday situated on Chicago’s Northwest Side.

The owners of the factory will return to the burned factory and will assess the damage on Wednesday in the daylight.

The company had tweeted earlier and had thanked the Chicago Fire Department for their efforts to putting out the fire.

They also said that they will share more details to the people when they have the opportunity to evaluate things.

The Chicago Fire Department had indeed done an amazing job. The fire was horrendous as bright orange flames were ripping out of the roof of the building.

The fire was burning deep into the evening and descended in the city as well.

The location of the fire sparking was in the 4100 block of West Wrightwood Avenue in the city’s Belmont Gardens neighborhood.

The timing was around 5 p.m. The firefighters were clearly visible trying to put out the flames.

The Chicago Fire Department also gave their assessment of the fire. They tweeted that the fire was not considered a hazardous materials situation.

No person was not injured in the fire.

They said that one of the firefighters were taken to the hospital for a very minor issue.

The fire was put out around 10 p.m. The fires had burned for about 5 hours. The roof of a neighboring building caved in an hour before the fire was put out.

Some smoke was clearly seen coming out of the charred building on Wednesday morning.

Newly Weds Food is a company that is a purveyor of customized breaders, batters, seasonings, and functional ingredients.

One of their worker Brian Guyton said that he didn’t notice the fire until he came outside. He, then told that he heard his supervisor screaming ‘fire’ ten minutes later.

The company had been making products since 1936 including bread crumbs.

Managing editor of the Chicago Morning Star

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