People protest against Senate Majority Leader’s vow to replace Ginsburg on supreme court

People protest against Senate Majority Leader’s vow to replace Ginsburg on supreme court

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Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, vowed the voting in Senate for the replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the Supreme Court. The voting will be for the replacement of Ginsberg with a person nominated by President Donald Trump. People gathered around the McConnell’s offices in Washington DC and Kentucky to protest against his vow.

Poor People’s Campaign organized the protests. The organization called people to gather around the McConnell’s Kentucky offices located in London, Lexington, Fort Wright, Louisville, Bowling Green, and Paducah. Moreover, it urged people to gather outside his home located in Washington, D.C. The protestors told the media that they registered their complaint by using the phone numbers of his offices.

McConnell said that he would call a vote to appoint someone nominated by Trump in the Supreme Court. The Democrats criticized his vow by saying that the Republicans should follow the legislation set by GOP legislators back in 2016.

The GOP legislators set that a Supreme Court choice could not be accepted in the run-up to the election. The protestors gathered around the offices and home of McConnell to record their concerns related to this voting. President Trump said in a statement released on Monday that he was making a choice for the Supreme Court. There are five women on the list that is considered by Trump. One of them will be nominated by him.

President Trump is pushing for the replacement of Ginsburg before Election Day with the woman he would nominate. The Democrats said that they would refuse the replacement on the base of legislation set by the GOP in 2016. Trump wants the confirmation of his nominated woman to replace Ginsberg before the US presidential election. McConnell said that they would go for voting in Senate related to this replacement.

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