The legal battle goes on as the Supreme Court gives green signal to Trump’s restrictions on transgenders serving in the military

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court of the country has allowed President’s Trump’s restrictions of transgenders serving in the country’s military as the case is already been fought in the lower courts of the country.

This policy is opposite to the policy implemented by the previous president Barrack Obama that allowed people to serve in the country despite their gender identification.

The decision was made by a panel comprised by liberal and conservative justices, 9, as the conservative justices will decide whether or not to consider the merits of the case at hand.

The policy that was developed by then-Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis was considered which makes exceptions for more than 900 transgenders to keep on serving in the military with respect to their birth gender.

There are mixed responses from people on this debate as many transgenders are already in service.

Managing editor of the Chicago Morning Star

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