Trump derides most US governors as ‘weak’

Trump derides most US governors as ‘weak’

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The demonstrators are recording their protests in dozens of US cities after the brutal killing of George Floyd by a law enforcement official. Donald J. Trump, the president of the United States of America, called most of the governors of the nation ‘weak’. He demanded tougher actions from them against the protesters.

The protests are getting more violent in several US cities with the passage of time. Trump conducted a teleconference to speak to the governors related to the ongoing nationwide protests on Monday. The law enforcement and national security officials were also present in the conference. He told the local leaders to take more strict actions against the protesters in their respective cities.

Trump criticized the responses of the governors in the teleconference. The protests outbroke in the US when a white Minneapolis police officer killed George Floyd, a black man, by pinning his knee on Floyd’s neck. The protests became violent in several US cities as the demonstrators got involved in looting and mayhem. Some of the protesters also allegedly set some objects and vehicles on fire.

According to the news reports, “The protests turned violent as fires ignited in the park across from the White House.” Trump called the rioters ‘thugs’ on Friday. He threatened them that he would order National Guards to shoot anyone involved in looting throughout the country. The tweet of Trump was hidden by the Twitter administration on the base of Twitter’s rule violation.

The Twitter administration said that the tweet was inappropriate as it included the content that would glorify violence. Trump addressed the protesters on Saturday. He said in his speech that Floyd would get justice and he was very hopeful about it. He derided the rioters throughout his speech. Saturday’s speech was the last public appearance of Trump. Trump said that the officers responsible for the death of Floyd would be brought to justice.

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