This week looks like the hottest week of summer in Chicago

This week looks like the hottest week of summer in Chicago

Summer is on in Chicago and this week is expected to be the hottest week of the summer in Chicago. Monday starts with a hot and humid day. The workday starts with the sun out spreading the heat all around in Chicago. The heat index rises above 90s and the expected temperature on Monday is above 80s and below 90s.

A sticky evening is expected in Chicago region with more sun out than clouds. A lower threat of rain is also forecasted by the weather department in some parts of the region. A few storms are also expected in far southern counties of Chicago this week. Tuesday will not be as hot as other days. The temperature is expected to be 80s on Tuesday with humidity. Scattered showers and storms in some parts of Chicago will keep the weather humid on Tuesday.

From I88 south and east in northwest Indiana, showers and storms are expected in parts due to the movement of Tropical Depression Barry towards north. The week will take humidity and hotness with it as Wednesday temperature will remain in higher 80s and lower 90s. The feeling temperature would be higher than this.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday are forecasted to be hotter and more humid than previous three days. The temperature is expected to remain in the mid of upper 90s. The heat index readings are expected to reach the 100-105 degrees during these days. The feeling temperature would rise up to 110 degrees in several areas of Chicago. Some scattered storms are also expected on these days. The night temperature would not fall below 70s which will keep the nights hot and humid as well.

Sunday will not be as hot as other days of the week. The temperature is expected to stay in 80s on Sunday with the chances of light showers and storms. The weather will remain humid on Sunday. Overall, it may be the hottest week of the summer in Chicago area with high humidity.

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