Mayor of Chicago sends an open letter to Trump about ICE raids

Mayor of Chicago sends an open letter to Trump about ICE raids

Lori Lightfoot, mayor of Chicago, has sent an open letter to Donald Trump, president of the United States of America, about the ICE raids. She wrote, “Any such efforts by ICE in our city will be met with fierce resistance from Chicagoans”.

The letter has been published in Washington Post on Sunday. She urged the president to rethink about the policies of his administration. She focused on harmful affects of the policies promoted by his administration on the borders and within the country. A senior US official told media that the raid will be kicked off from Sunday which will target about 2000 immigrants in several cities of the US. The letter came at the same day when the raids started.

Lightfoot wrote in her letter, “On Friday, I ordered my city’s police department not to cooperate with ICE officials on any activities within the city”. The law department of Chicago has also advised the personnel of city’s facilities not to cooperate with ICE in such raids. Lightfoot wrote in the letter that Chicago has increased the legal defense funding for helping the undocumented residents of the city.

Lightfoot also wrote that she took the steps in response to the policies adopted by the Trump’s administration which are harmful for Chicago and the whole nation. She also requested the president to focus on the immigration reforms as the immigration system of the country has broken. She wrote that it was horrifying experience for her when she heard about the deaths of children in the detention centers.

Lightfoot wrote that Chicago is the home of 180000 undocumented residents. Chicago is in the list of targeted cities for being raided from Sunday onward. Lightfoot wrote, “Every day, when I talk to immigrants, what I hear is fear, anxiety, and confusion”. Lightfoot requested the president to rethink about these raids as they would separate the families and people have these fears in Chicago.

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