Venezuela found in Severe Crisis

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Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro, states that he has defeated an attempted coup by opposition leader Juan Guaido.

More than 100 people are injured in an opposition clash that is sided by a lot of National Guardsmen.

President Maduro said, “Mr. Guaido had disappointed to use the military against him”. He stated that in a TV address.

The opposition leader Mr. Guaido declares that Mr. Maduro has missed his power on the armed forces. On Wednesday, he invited a large number of street protests.

He tweeted on social media that today we continue, we will continue moving with further energy than ever, in Venezuela.

The United State, the UK, most in Latin America and 50 more countries have considered Mr Guaido as an interim leader of Venezuela. The United States.

On Wednesday, the US is supporting Mr Guaido. Mike Pompeo who is Secretary of State said that military action is possible if necessary. But the top of the country military, China and Russia have denied his leadership to his opponent.

National Security Adviser John Bolton said that on Wednesday, Secretary of US, Mr Mike Pompeo programmed to have a conversation with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

On Tuesday morning a thirty-minute video is released by Mr Guaido in which some men were standing with him wearing the military uniform. He declared that he had the support of brave soldiers in the Capital, Caracas.

He requested the public to join him on streets and appeared in front of another opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez who was arrested in 2014, Leopoldo Lopez.

Huge clashes happened between the supporters of Mr Guaido and armed force carriers and continued throughout the day. The supports came from different sides but gathered at the same place that is why this hazard happened.

The protestors were also throwing stones. They were controlled by tear gas and water cannon.

The Media filmed driving military vehicle towards the protestors.

The president of the opposition-controlled national assembly, Mr Guaido was called by the military of Venezuela. In January, he announced that he is an interim president.

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