Venezuela’s President appeals women to give birth to six kids

Venezuela’s President appeals women to give birth to six kids

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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has appealed to the women that they give birth to six children for the sake of the betterment of the country. The President urged this desire while addressing in a TV program for the implementation of the National Health Care Plan on Women. Venezuela is facing a financial crisis at the moment and the country is lacking food and medicines.

According to UNICEF, from 2013 to 2018, the country’s 13 percent children are suffering from malnutrition. While addressing the women at the ceremony, Maduro said: “May God bless you that you should produce six young boys and girls.”  He said that every woman should at least produce six children. Mr. Guido’s supporters have criticized Maduro’s statement on social media.

The criticizers said that the hospitals are not running, there is a shortage of medicines, women can’t feed the children as there is lacking of food resources. They can’t afford to buy milk from the market as the country is suffering from a crisis. They have also called the administration of psychological detachment from the people.

According to the United Nation’s world food program’s survey, one of three Venezuelan is finding difficulty in providing basic food for their families. In the midst of the financial crisis, in 2018 a charitable organization said that the percentage of newborn children left on the streets or in front of governmental buildings has risen to 70 percent.

The Venezuelan government has not issued any official numbers on this matter. The country is turbulent due to the clash of the government and the opposition. More than fifty countries have recognized the opposition leader Juan Guaido as the legitimized leader but Maduro is in power due to the backing of the armed forces.

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