Venezuela’s President accuses US for creating crisis in his country

Venezuela’s President accuses US for creating crisis in his country

Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela, has said that the United States of America is creating crisis in Venezuela with an intent of war in the region. He added, “They are trying to fabricate crisis in order to interfere in the region in the form of military intervention to shift the war to South America”. While, US announced humanitarian aid of $56 millions to the Venezuela for dealing with the crisis in the region. US Vice President, Mike Pence, announced the additional aid for the Venezuelan people who are facing severe crisis.

US also put sanctions against the four governors who are supporting Maduro and US official said that they will place more strong sanctions on the corrupt financial network of Maduro in the future. Maduro criticized the Bogota meeting as an intent of the United States to access the oil reserves of the country by putting an effort to develop a parallel government in Venezuela. Maduro said, “Donald Trump wants a war over oil in the region”. Maduro refused to take US aid and the aid is being placed in the warehouses at the Venezuela’s border with Brazil and Columbia. Maduro called the aid as a pretext to invasion by US. Guaido, head of Venezuela Parliament, has declared himself as a president as he considers the elections as a complete fraud. United States and 50 other countries have accepted Guaido as a president of Venezuela.

Lima Group said, “the transition of leadership must be done under the framework of Venezuelan constitution and law”. Guaido appeals the International community to play their role for dealing with Maduro. He said, “All types of resources have been exhausted”. He asked the Lima Group that what can we do to help Venezuela come out of this situation. Trump also gave a statement that we have all the options on the table. There is nothing specified by him about the US military intervention in the region.

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