Venezuelan President alleges that Donald Trump gave orders to assassinate him

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has told Russian TV that Donald Trump tried to kill him and has pointed him and Colombian President Ivan Duque to be held responsible if anything happens to him.

Russia is a strong supporter of Maduro and provided him the logistics to keep his regime intact and accused the Trump administration of wrongdoings.

Many countries including the United States and majority of Latin American countries are in favor of Guaido and are demanding new elections in the country.

Maduro has opened to the idea of sitting down with the opposition to solve the issues at hand.

U.S. is trying to put pressure on Madura by sanctioning the companies and giving Guaido the control of Venezuela’s U.S. bank details.

Violent protests have erupted in the country as more than 850 were arrested and there are also indications of killings. The opposition is also trying to lure the people on the streets.

Senior writer at the Chicago Morning Star

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