U.S. National Security advisor says that ‘All options are on the Table’ for the Venezuela crisis

The U.S government has placed sanctions on the state-owned oil company of Venezuela with the growing tensions in the country.  The national security adviser John Bolton said on Monday that to protect the opposition leader of Venezuela Juan Guaido, MPs and the American diplomatic personnel, the option of military intervening on the matter is open for discussion.

The country is involved in a power struggle as Guaido declared the existing President Nicolas Maduro to be illegitimate through the letter of the nation’s constitution. Trump’s administration is recognizing Guaido as the President of Venezuela.

To put pressure on Maduro, United States will put new sanctions on PDVSA which is the state backed oil company, said Bolton and Steve Mnuchin (Treasury Secretary).

Maduro has refused to back down and refused to call any elections schedule to calm down the crisis.

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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