Clashes and Injuries in Venezuela Capital

Clashes and Injuries in Venezuela Capital

The crisis in Venezuela has worsen as clashes have erupted in the country’s capital.

The clashes have erupted between opposition supporters and pro-government forces.

The clashes happened on Wednesday in Caracas. A woman was shot dead in the clash and many suffered injuries during the clashes.

Military had to intervene and use tear gas and water canon to calm the clashes.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido is demanding answers for the killing of the 27-year old woman.

He has also urged public employees to put more pressure on President Nicolas Maduro by striking on Thursday.

Mr. Guaido has been recognized by more than 50 countries after he declared himself the interim leader of the country in January.

He was the opposition leader of the country and used the constitution to become the interim president. He had said that the re-election of Mr. Maduro was not legitimate.

Mr. Maduro has strong support as well. He is recognized by Russia, China and most importantly leaders of the military.

He said that he would not cede under the pressure. He will be staying in the country and also accused the American authorities of trying to stage a coup on him.

There were peaceful demonstrations on Wednesday but things turn sour between the pro and anti -government supporters.

An NGO has identified the woman killed as Jurubith Rausseo. He was killed in the rally of opposition stronghold of Altamira.

There are reports of 46 people of opposition and security forces been injured in the various clashes.

Mr. Guaido has posted a video of himself with men in uniform in the background. He said he had the support of the brave soldiers in the country’s capital.

Tensions are rising internationally due to Venezuela’s crisis. Most prominent members are US and Russia as they are supporting opposite ‘Presidents’.

U.S. Secretary also indicated of using military force if the issues are not resolved.

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