WalletHub report reveals the best places to raise your family in the US

You would go through certain periods in your life when you have to move with your family from one place to another. All places are not safe to raise a family in the United States of America. WalletHub report can help you make the best choice in deciding your new home in the US.

The report is based on the comparative study of the 180 major cities of the US. The analyses are based on the 47 key metrics. The researchers at WalletHub determined the best and worst places to raise a family on the base of key metrics including cost of living, quality of education, health-care system, and many more.

Overland Park, a personal finance site, says that Kansas is the best place to raise a family. Kansas is first on the list of affordable cities. It is the fourth-lowest city on the list of the percentage of families living in poverty. Fremont, a city of California, is ranked second in the best cities to raise a family. The city ranks first in the ‘health and safety’ category of the report. Irvine, a city of California, is ranked third as it has the lowest violent-crime rate per capita.

Plano, a city of Texas, is ranked fourth in the list of the best places to raise your family in the US. South Burlington, a city of Vermont is ranked fifth. Chicago has the 104th number on the list due to street crimes. It is ranked 23rd in the category of ‘Family Fun’. Detroit, a city of Michigan, is the worst city to raise a family, according to the report of WalletHub.

Detroit has the second-highest number of divorces among the US cities. It also has the highest percentage of families living below the poverty line. Families are important for all of us and we just have to raise them in a safe and secure environment. The report highlights the cities where we can raise our family in the best or worst manner.

Senior writer at the Chicago Morning Star

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