Consumer and other reports

One of the biggest part of our journalist work is the study of all kinds of reports. Chicago Morning Star focuses on reports from medical organizations, departments of justice, taxes, and agriculture. We thoroughly monitor the employment rate  in Chicago and other Illinois communities: Rockford, Naperville, Elgin, Aurora, etc.

We study the reports of the Department of Education and non-governmental organizations that study the working conditions of teachers and other issues related to educational activities. At the same time, we try not to chase for sensations, like Drudge Report. Instead, we focus on the analysis and reliability of the information received. Therefore, our articles are always based on official documents and trustworthy information.

Equally important is working with consumer reports. First of all, we try to make a better life for the citizens of Chicago and Illinois, therefore, we attentively study service sector and search for feedback from consumers. Thus, we can form the basis of the best quality services for consumers in the state and protect people from going to services and organizations with bad reviews.

But our main task is to inform people and provide our readers with high-quality relevant news. Therefore, most of the time we spend on studying the reports of government organizations and administrative departments of Illinois. These materials often contain information that officials do not announce at press conferences. These may be the little things that actually turn out to be the most important in these reports.