A man arrested in stealing and driving case of Bridgeview Fire Department SUV

Police have arrested a man who allegedly stole an SUV of Bridgeview Fire Department. He drove the vehicle from the southwest suburb to the Loop. The incident happened on Thursday but the actual time of the theft was not clear.

The man, in his 50s, took the vehicle of the fire department. The vehicle was idled in front of a firehouse at 7350 W. 100th Place. Ray Hanania, a spokesperson of Bridgeview village, said, “The exact time of the theft is not clear.” Hanania added, “There was no one present in the vehicle at that time. The person broke the security of the vehicle and drove off”.

Chicago Police said, “The man drove the vehicle through 71st Street and Stony Island Avenue”. The man stopped the vehicle on Lake Shore Drive near Monroe Street. The officers broke the window of the vehicle to reach the person, according to the Chicago police. The vehicle was not damaged during the pursuit. Police took the man into their custody by breaking the window of the SUV.

Hanania said, “The police officers of Bridgeview are taking the arrested person back to the southwest suburb where he will be booked and processed”. The fire vehicles of the department often left running in the park for providing aid to the first respondents. The security system is also installed in the vehicles in order to prevent the driving of the vehicle by any unauthorized person. Hanania said that they were not sure whether the security system of the vehicle was compromised in this case.

The man took the vehicle from the parking and drove it through Chicago. Police arrested him after some time from Monroe Street where he stopped the vehicle. The vehicle was not damaged by him during driving. Police have transported the person to the southwest suburb where he will face charges of theft. Police broke the window of the vehicle for taking the man out of the vehicle.

Managing editor of the Chicago Morning Star

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