According to a Report, US Airstrikes killed 14 Civilians in Somalia

According to a Report, US Airstrikes killed 14 Civilians in Somalia

Amnesty International released a report which shared the details of 14 civilian deaths due to American airstrikes in Somalia. The killing of 14 civilians in US airstrike is since 2017, according to the report.

Amnesty International revealed that the report is prepared on the base of the examination of five airstrikes conducted by US in Somalia. These five airstrikes killed 14 civilians and injured eight ones as well. Report says, “The incidents mentioned in this report killed the civilians which is the violation of the International Humanitarian Laws and some incidents commit war crimes as well”.

America has continuously denied the causalities of civilians in airstrikes against the terror group working in Somalia. The terror group which is trying to make an influence in Somalia is known as Shabab. It has been declared as extremist Islamic Group working in Somalia. The African Command of the United States have said several times that no civilian causalities have been committed during the airstrikes and raid missions of the United States in Somalia.

According to a Report, US Airstrikes killed 14 Civilians in Somalia
Overview map of Somalia. Basemap data: (c) OCHA Somalia
According to a Report, US Airstrikes killed 14 Civilians in Somalia
Map of Lower Shabelle administrative region in the South of Somalia. Basemap data: © OCHA Somalia

The report highlights the killing of 14 civilians and injuries of 8 civilians in just 5 airstrikes conducted by the United States in Somalia. The report says that it is against the humanitarian laws to conduct operation in the areas where there is a chance of civilian deaths. America has denied the facts related to this humanitarian crime which it committed in Somalia. The report is based on the examination of 5 airstrikes conducted by the African Command of the United States since 2017. The strikes are made against the active terror group in Somalia known as Shabab. Shabab has been declared as an extremist Islamic Group which is violating the peace of the region.

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