Australia gives permission to kill 10000 wild camels

Australia gives permission to kill 10000 wild camels

The leaders of Western Australia got permission to kill 10000 wild camels. According to News Corp Australia, the decision is taken due to the drought in the region. The local leaders of Western Australia have got the help of the army shooters in killing the camels. According to the reports, the professional shooter will kill 10000 wild camels in 5 days via an air operation.

The army shooters will carry out the operation by using the helicopters. According to the reports, the operation will start on January 8, 2020. The presence of the wild camels in Western Australia is causing droughts in the region. The spokesperson of the Environment and Water Department of Western Australia said, “It is hard to manage such a huge amount of wild camels in this dry weather.”

The spokesperson added, “The pressure is increasing in (Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara) APY Lands due to the grazing of camels and it is damaging the basic system. The presence of a huge amount of camels is a threat to the development of other animals.” He added that thousands of camels died due to the lack of water in the region. The dead animals pollute major sources of water and other cultural places on various occasions, according to him.

According to a report, these camels are migrating from Gold Fields to other areas in search of water and food. It has been estimated that there are at least 1200000 wild camels in Australia. Most of the wild camels are present at the center of the continent but now they have spread in Western Australia as well.

The report suggested that the camels were needed to be killed as they drank too much water. The infrastructure and communities of APY Lands have been threatened by the large camel congregation. According to the local media, the wild camels have been migrating from Gold Fields in search of water and food. Moreover, Australia is fighting against a deadly wildfire as well.

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