Trainee pilot lands the plane as his instructor fainted during the flight

The instructor got fainted while flying the plane and a trainee pilot landed the plane safely. The trainee pilot took control of the plane when he found that his instructor had fainted. The trainee pilot contacted the air control immediately and landed the plane safely. Max Sylvester of Western Australia sent a message to the air traffic control after an hour of flight in a jarring sound that his instructor had fainted.

The operators of the Perth airport guided him in landing the plane properly. Later on, they praised the quick response and control of Sylvester over his senses. In his emergency call, he told the situation of his instructor to the air control before taking the instructions for controlling the plane. His call recording was revealed later on.

He told the operator that he was trying to wake him up but he was continuously falling down. The operator asked him whether he knew how to fly a Cessna Plane and he replied, “It is my first lesson.” Sylvester learned the lessons of flying a plane twice before that and it was his first regular experience of flying a plane.

He started the conversation with the air traffic control by saying, “Emergency, Emergency, Emergency. This is Tango, Fox Trott, Romeo, can you hear me.” The Air Traffic Control replied, “Tango, Fox Trott, Romeo, I can hear you Do you know how to fly?”. He added, “A little bit. It is my first lesson”. ATC replied, “Is your instructor fainted right now?” He replied, “He is bent over my shoulder. I am trying to straighten him out. He is continuously fallen at me.”

ATC asked the pilot, “Tango, Fox Trott, Romeo, have you ever landed a plane yourself or with someone else?” He replied, “No, I never did.” ATC said, “Power off, power off, power off, Raise the nose of the plane and you will be landing. You did it mate. It is great. You did it well. Come at this runway and we will send all the vehicles to the runway in order to meet you.” The instructor was taken to the hospital where his condition was stabilized.

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