Iran arrests two British-born Australians and one Australian citizen

Iran arrests two British-born Australians and one Australian citizen

Australian state media said that two British-born Australians and one Australian citizen had been arrested in Iran. One of them has been sentenced to 10 years in prison. According to an international news agency, the department of foreign affairs and commerce of Australia said that they were providing the counselor support to the families of all three people.

The department added that it could not explain more due to private objections. The department said to the people to follow the travel guidelines. It told the people in the travel guidelines that the Australians could face arrests in Iran. According to the report of The Times newspaper of London, a British blogger and her Australian boyfriend were arrested 10 weeks ago when they were on their journey of Asia.

In addition, it was told in the report of a newspaper that a person, educated from Cambridge University, was separately detained and he was sentenced 10 years in prison. According to the news of Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the detained person is behind the bars from last year. Thee names of the detained people are not released by the Australian government, newspaper, and ABC.

According to the news report, these three people are kept in the Evin prison of Iran. A British Irani woman, 41-year-old, named Nazneen Zagri-Ratcliffe has been imprisoned in Evin jail since 2016. She was accused of doing spy work. Australian government suggested to its citizens to review their decision of traveling to Iran.

A court of Tehran sentenced two Iran-born British citizens with 10 and 12 years in prison on August 27. They were accused of spying for Israel and receiving illegal payments. The names of three detained Australian citizens are not released by the Australian government. The Australian government has suggested to its citizens follow the traveling guidelines issued by it. The government is providing the counselor support to the families of the detained people.

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