Canada bans the import and export of shark fins

Canada bans the import and export of shark fins

Canada has become the first G20 country which bans the trade of shark fins. Sharks are under a threat and Canada has decided to help the predators against the threat. Shark finning is illegal in the domestic fishery since 1984. Canada is the largest non-Asian importer of shark fins.

The shark fin trade has contributed in the precarious status of several species of sharks. A study revealed that one-third of the fins come in the market from the species which are at risk. The collection of fins is inhumane and unsustainable, according to the critics. The marketing of fins had huge impact on the global population of sharks. Shark finning is a cruel process as the finning is done when the shark is alive and the rest of body is discarded.

A bill has been passed in Canada which bans the import and export of shark fins in Canada. The campaigners and legislators made huge efforts in this regard and finally their efforts gave fruit in the form of bill passed in Canadian Parliament this week. Shark’s fin is one of the costliest seafood in the world as the meat provides delicious taste.

A report said, “Canada imported 148000 kg of Shark fins in 2018”. Josh Laugren, executive director of Oceana Canada, said, “We are a player and it is the fact although we are not a big player”. He added, “This bill is an exemplary proportion for other countries to take actions according to this legislation”.  A US study revealed that more than 73 million sharks are killed every year for the consumption of their fins.

Several other countries also have ongoing conversations in terms of limiting the trade of shark fins. In US, there are trade bans in some states including Washington, Oregon, California, and Texas. The public awareness campaigns can lead us towards the reducing consumption of shark fins. China is one of the largest consumers of shark fin in the form of shark fin soup but the conversations have reduced its consumption in the country. However, Canada has banned the trade of shark fins.

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