Chicago will remain a Sanctuary City despite the President’s plan

Chicago will remain a Sanctuary City despite the President’s plan

Officials have said that Chicago will stay as a Sanctuary city disregard of the President’s plan.

Donald Trump said that his plan to shift the migrants to the sanctuary cities is taking plan.

It is not clear whether this will be a feasible strategy.

Donald Trump said that he will shift the migrants to the sanctuary cities. This statement has hurt the representatives and people of Illinois badly.

Sen. Dick Durbin recently visited the migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. He was speaking to the media on Monday and said that the comments of Donald Trump are the meanest things he heard from any President.

Donald Trump tweeted that Congress must fix the loopholes in the law. He also said that the migrants will be subjected to Homeland Security, Sanctuary cities and states.

These views are a shock to the public as his aides insisted that such plans are out of the shelf.

Both White House and Department of Homeland Security didn’t respond to these statements.

There is also uncertainty whether the Department of Homeland Security has taken any action on this controversial plan of the President.

Th lawyers already told the White House that such controversial plan is not feasible enough to be implemented.

Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel has criticized the plans and philosophy of the President. He says that he has failed to understand the American values.

He also said that Chicago doesn’t have place for hatred. He will welcome the migrants with open arms and with no discrimination.

White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders says that this plan is just one of the many under consideration by the President.

On Monday, Democrats have asked the White House to provide more details and documents of their plan.

Senior writer at the Chicago Morning Star

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