City Council Chambers host swore in ceremony for eight new officers

City Council Chambers host swore in ceremony for eight new officers

SPRINGFIELD, IL. – A ceremony has been organized in the City Council Chambers in which eight new officers joined the Springfield Police Department. Mayor Jim Langfelder and Kenny Winslow, the chief of Springfield Police Department, swore in the new officers at 2:00 pm.

Winslow said in his speech, “We are proud to welcome such a talented group of young men and women into our profession.” The new officers have the desire to serve the community and they proved it during their training, Winslow added. He hoped that the officers will protect their community and neighborhood through their professionalism and desire to serve. The new officers will go through a field training of 20-week with the veteran officers of the Springfield Police Department. The additional field training proved that it was quite helpful for the officers in the past.

The police officers will perform better after getting the training in the field. The new officers have been graduated from the Macon County Law Enforcement Training Center on 6th of September. Ken Scarlette is the head of Field Operations Division and these new officers will perform their duty under his command.

Lisa Balog, a 34-year-old lady from Arizona, is one of the new officers who swore today. She is the mother of three children and she was graduated from Greenway High School. She was pinned by her mother. John A. Bradshaw is the second officer. He, 27-year-old, was graduated from Illini Central High School. He was pinned by his wife. Jasper W. Cheneyon, 26-year-old, was pinned by his sister. Ja’Marae D. Davis, 23-year-old, was pinned by his father in the ceremony.

Michael S. DeMoure, 32-year-old, was pinned by his wife and he was graduated from South Grand Prairie High School. Hayle Johnson, 24-year-old, was pinned by her mother. Mark A. Johnson, 29-year-old, was pinned by his father in the ceremony at the City Council Chambers. Adam T. Stone, 29-year-old, was pinned by his father. The officers said that it was a proud moment for them.

Staff writer for the Chicago Morning Star

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